Three Ways Chat Support Software Handles Customer Feedback

Loved watching, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"? The movie is entertaining but offers entrepreneurs an invaluable insight into the ambivalent relationship between all characters. It is a greedy quest between "The Good", "The Bad", and "The Ugly" to find hidden gold in a cemetery. The movie ends with "The Good" riding away with his share of gold. He bounded "The Bad" hands and left "The Ugly" dead in an open grave. In some ways, the 1966 plot mimics the situation of receiving customer feedback.

Except in this case, I would replace the movie title with, "Complaints, Compliments, and Suggestions." Chat Support Software is an online CRM application which helps e-retailers deal with all three forms of feedback. Chat support software is a web-based tool which integrates on e-commerce websites from across a range of industries. Customer service representatives (CSRs) are employed to live chat with website visitors around the clock. While, the basic function of this web-based tool is to provide customer support, it also helps website owners discover what their customers have to say about them.

Complaints The best form of feedback is complaints, otherwise "The Good". While, traditional communication methods such as social media platforms and e-mail support enables unhappy customers to complain, they do not assure management has gotten around to hearing about them. Support chat software enables decision-makers at your company to review chat transcripts without a middleman. They can learn firsthand how a product or company policy is failing, and can be influenced to implement corrective measures. Compliments Don't get fooled by my comparison between compliments and "The Bad"! In the movie, "The Bad" is the one who discovers the hidden gold. To his shock, "The Good" binds him and leaves him with less than half of his share. Don't allow compliments to make you complacent. You never know when a once-satisfied customer will take his word back. CSRs thank customers for their kind words and continue to work harder.

Suggestions The worst form of feedback is suggestions and this is why I liken it to "The Ugly". Customers take it upon themselves to propose how you can improve your company. While, there is some chance they will give an outstanding idea, there are more chances of them offering useless advice. Support chat software operators courteously listen to their suggestions and assure them management will look into it.

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