CherryPlayer- the best Media Player

You can consider yourself to be very fortunate, if you are looking for a media player, because we have found one that you will like. The first thing that you are sure to love is the cost. It is absolutely free. As a media player CherryPlayer may be ahead of its time as it is loaded with capabilities that other players do not have. You have access to a huge archive that contains millions of recordings in MP3 format. You can easily search through the archive for a stream of music that may never end. If you are a fan of YouTube, you have even more reason to love CherryPlayer as it is fully integrated, and includes searching, a viewer, and downloader that allows you download in your preferred format. The downloader performed without any issues, and there were no problem noted with the viewer that performed flawlessly. CherryPlayer is likely to be one of the preferred choices for searching for and listening to new music and lovers of the nostalgic favourites will love it too. No additional codecs are needed, and the player comfortably supports almost all media formats. You can begin enjoying video and audio in any major format, right after the player is installed.

CherryPlayer is very easy to use, with an intuitive interface that requires no learning curve. It is a simple process to access and browse the expansive library of top charting songs. Searching is easy and you can add tracks that you find to your personal playlist. The navigation menu on the left side allows you to search lists from music sites such as . You can browse through the different lists to find what is popular. You can even play music from your local hard drive with CherryPlayer. You can also search tracks from VK music,with the option of creating a VK account.

Creating a playlist of your favourites is easy, you simply drag the tracks that you need onto the player. One of the most appreciated features of the player, is that even though it is a free player, there are no ads that you see online with the YouTube videos. It is easy to switch between files, as all of the music and videos can be accessed from the player. We are also certain, that you will be impressed with CherryPlayer as it is quickly becoming very popular. Although it was just released, in the short span, it has quickly shot to the top ten in media players in some of popular download sites. With all of the capabilities that is included in the player, it can be a great and exciting way to gain free access to an exceptional amount and an extensive variety of music.

The only disadvantage, noted with the player is that the video stream may sometimes lag, but the sound retains an excellent quality. The player also lacks the ability to store and properly manage your music or other files. CherryPlayer is easy to install after download, and if you decide to uninstall it for any reason, the procedure is equally simple.

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