Make Your Software Look Slick With Ready-made Toolbar Icons Enhance your projects with professionally designed icons

Creating a new software project? Want to make it look perfect yet have a distinctive look? Enhance your new software with ready-made toolbar icons by Perfect Icon ( )! Over a hundred of differentpictograms are readily available to enhance your new project. Use the icons for toolbars, navigation, wizards and dialogs. The Program Toolbar Icons are perfectly recognizable, and are available in numerous standard sizes, resolutions, states and color depths .

Outsourcing the graphics indeed makes your product unique. The unique style is about the only good thing about custom icons. Everything else about the custom icons is a negative. Time and cost, specs and making a matching set, color palettes, even the personal tastes can vary greatly from artist to artist.

Program Toolbar Icons are readily available for preview and evaluation , making it possible to make your own opinion about whether or not the particular set of icons matches your goals. With Perfect Icon, you always see what you'll get!

Program Toolbar Icons come in many sizes and styles. Your purchase gets you all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, and 48x48 pixels in 256 colors and slick True Color with real translucency effect. Every icon comes in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. Your icons will come in all of the following formats: Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), .gif, and .png.

Program Toolbar Icons are developed by software developers for software developers, and contain over 100 pieces that are most likely to be employed in your product. Open and Close, Undo and Redo, Go and Stop, Cut, Copy and Paste are just a few to name. There are multiple symtols, notes and other pictograms available to enhance your software.

Regcure Review ? Does This Cleaner Live Up To Its Name?

There are a lot of registry cleaners available on the market today. Not many can live up to the billing they are given by their promoters. Among the top utilities available for use today and one that has captured market popularity, is one called Regcure put out by the software utility company Paretologic. On further examination, it is obvious that this program's developers put a lot of thought and consideration into building this product, as it is very user friendly.

On a critical note, in comparison with other high end programs, Regcure does lack some of the extra features that other registry utilities come with. Yet with that said, it does contain all of the most popular features that any reputable registry cleaner would be expected to have. Not only that, but the in depth detail of its onboard Help files can assist any user to take full advantage of all the power that this program offers. Not only is it easy to navigate its user interface, but it easily gives the user all the information he needs to be able to run the program efficiently from the start.

Among the features Regcure does contain are a Backup and Restore utility, a Start up Manager, and a Custom Scan feature, something that most cleaners don't have. An automatic back up is created every time Regcure is used. If a file item is accidently deleted, it can easily be restored to save lost time and trouble. The user also has the capability to remove any unnecessary programs from the start up (initial boot process) which are not absolutely necessary to be running at start up, thus speeding up this process. With the Custom Scan feature the user can set the program up to run whenever they want. This can save time having to manually run a scan.

Regarding the question: Does this cleaner live up to its name? I can safely say that you won't ever regret using this program because it is one of the most thorough cleaners on the market. In a test run, it picked up 614 problems for fixing, the vast majority of them being in the Empty Registry Items area. With that amount of unnecessary entries being removed from a system's registry, there is little doubt that your machine will run faster and more efficiently.

Is Regcure the best registry cleaner on the market? Maybe not. Yet there's no denying that it certainly ranks up there with all the best performing utilities; plus it is backed up by excellent customer support. Whatever ails your present Windows computer registry can indeed be cured by Regcure. On that you can count!

Retail Software Testing ? How To Not Chase Away Your Customers

Online commerce and e-business are on the verge of overcoming the traditional business models. This has become much more evident with a huge number of firms developing software applications minutely targeted towards the online retail sector, especially, start-up online businesses and small-scale ventures. The latter is more important as unlike larger retail corporate names, which already have a large brand presence in the real-world, the small-scale ventures require well-executed software applications to establish themselves as an intimidating brand online.

But developing retail software is only half of the ingredients to cook the perfect e-commerce success story. Even though the market trends and the demands of millions of consumers change by the day and the hour, it is not sufficient to have just a great software model to climb to the top. What you also require is a strategic and completely thorough retail software testing process that has to be detailed and practical, leaving no room for even marginal errors in the code or allied elements. The fact that retail software entails some of the most complex codes and algorithms makes the job of the testers all the more tough.

Features such as database maintenance, Point of Sale (POS) systems, integration of the same with other software applications and third party links as well as financial accounting, employee records, etc. are all to be dutifully tested to prevent a situation where either you or the consumer is at a loss ? financial as well as trust wise. Any issue that is allowed to persist, with or without employing software testing, can seriously hamper your chances of making it as a popular and reputed brand in the business circuit.

A POS (Point of Sale) system often poses high-end security issues that are impossible to solve once integrated and launched. However, a qualified retail software tester can easily root out such security issues, most of which tend to develop from minor coding errors, snowballing into a massive security threat that can possibly force an e-business firm to be stamped as 'fraud'. Another instance of consumers finding e-business portals irksome is the issue of POS systems getting discount offers, prices or special concessions wrong. This is another issue where customers may mistake the errors in the software as intentional malpractices on behalf of the e-business portal itself. These points may seem trivial, but with millions accessing the business portal and finding the same errors may result in a rapid fall in popularity as well as actual sales statistics for the entrepreneur.

Therefore, it is important to have professional software testers go over the whole retail software code you develop for clients. Most professional testing agencies add an advantage of unbiased attention to the software code testing, thus, omitting even the minutest of details that in-house testers would have skipped sheerly on confidence! So, unless you want consumers to dwindle in a rapid manner, retail software testing (from professional and experienced retail software testers) is the only element to swear by in order to achieve success. Not only does retail software testing help retain customer loyalty, it also helps to build and embellish company credibility!

Things To Bear In Mind In Relation To Member Area Software

These days, there are more than enough people who are becoming fit and practical. They have long ago realized the advantages of the opportunities being offered up by the popularity of the Internet. As a lot of businesses are gaining their cyberspace portals, so does the need to be vigilant on the part of the business-minded individuals escalate. They have one concern in mind?to gain money and to profit from their endeavors. And they have seen the vast positive attribute of the online marketing as a good way of realizing their goals.

One needs not be surprised if there are a lot of member area software programs that pop up here and there. There are obviously so many individuals who have already ventured into the promotion of the member area software. Through the member area software, only the successful members are allowed to gain access to the freebies, discounts, and other privileges that come along its promotion.

Indeed, the paid membership websites are among the easiest and most conveniently managed businesses of today.

Of course, those who are successfully approved to become members are obliged to purchase the member area software so they could further the enjoyment that they could be exposed to as they utilize the program. More so, if you as the promoter of a member area software could manage to come up with an appealing and stable website that would be a host to a variety of individuals, the better and advantageous it would be for you.

The good thing with the member area software promotion is that you don't necessarily have to exert all of the efforts yet you would be able to earn the salary that is similar with that of a CEO of a multinational company! How could that be made possible? Well, all you have to do is maintain a database that will ensure an organized and secured record keeping of the members of the organization. And then, through handling the selling of the membership area software, you would be able to convince the members how well they need the program.

As the membership expires, they will have to pay again. And for every service that the members avail of, there will be a corresponding payment that will go straight to your pocket.

So what should your membership area software contain? Many of the same sorts of endeavor flourish through time because there are lots of appealing features that come along with the subscription to the membership. It could be that coaching, mentoring, information dissemination, and informative articles are provided to the members. It is important that you are well-rounded. If you truly want to gain lots of followers, your expertise must not only be confined to one particular area.

People have different needs. And they subscribe to become members because they believe that you could provide them with the solutions to their problems. Now are you going to fail them? Certainly not or your business would eventually die out.

The member area software of yours must contain the best features as possible. For you to be able to convince the consumers well, you must ensure that you work on the reliability and credibility of your venture. Gaining profit is not that easy. You have to gain the trust of the people. You have to prove to them that they need you. It is simply a give and take process.

Good luck then to your attempt to pursue a member area software conceptualization!

10 Ways Seniors Can Use Skype

Whether you're bedridden or you have trouble getting around, staying in your home for health purposes doesn't necessarily mean that you're confined within the walls of your house. Skype, a software that "enables the world's conversations," provides a platform for millions of individuals and businesses to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users.

The ways people are using Skype to keep in touch with the people who matter most are seemingly endless and we've come up with just a few of the many ways you can use Skype too!

1.Log in for a daily conversation about current events with a friend - Skype allows you have have face-to-face interaction through your computer screens. Simply sit down with your favorite newspaper or magazine and get ready to chat!

2.Tell your grandchild a bedtime story - Seniors can instruct their grandchildren to have an adult set up a laptop on their bed at night right before their bedtime so they can have a meaningful exchange with a long-distance grandparent.

3.Play cards with family or friends who live far away - Grab a deck of cards, set up your computer and select your favorite game to play!

4.Play "show and tell" with a grandchild in another state - Maybe they painted a masterpiece in art class or they purchased the toy of their dreams with their weekly allowance; whatever the case may be, Skype can allow grandparents to share in these special "show and tell" moments.

5.Participate in important meetings or events by having a friend take a laptop - Can't make it to the town hall meeting? With the permission of the meeting leaders, have a friend set up a laptop so you can watch and participate as though you were present.

6.Eat dinner or enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend - Prepare your favorite dish or pour yourself a cup of joe and nestle up by the computer to catch up with a friend on the other end.

7.Have a fun sing-along with a friend or grandchild - Skype can make joining to sing an old favorite or teach a new tune easy and fun.

8.Talk to a family member while viewing new family photos online together - Log on to Facebook, Flickr or another photo hosting Web site with a family member or friend to look thorugh virtual photo albums together.

9.Lead a friend in a relaxing set of stretches and yoga poses at the end of a long day - The buddy system is a great way to stick to an exercise routine. Skype can allow you to lead a friend in a series of relaxing stretches and poses to keep you on track!

10.Enjoy a messy finger painting session with a friend and share your artwork with each other afterward - Grab some paints and paper and log onto the computer, then Skype can allow you to collaborate as you create and share your works of art.

This is just the tip of the ice berg-there are so many fun and interesting ways to use this neat software. Now, all you need is a Skype account, an Internet connection and a Web cam, and you're all set! Can you think of other ways to use Skype? Have you tried Skype? Share your stories with us!

Technical Support For Better Pc Performance

Today, you need to be comfortable while faced with frequently met PC hurdles. Looking at IT engineers for all your computer-related problems is not a smart thing for you to do now. Today, it is for you to make first PC problem-solving initiatives. You can manage your personal computer better by knowing more about computer-related practical tips from tech help experts.

You can refer to free online sources such as a good computer forum or a good information technology forum where you can find useful interaction with tech help experts giving trouble shooting steps for frequently met computer-related hurdles and advices for better PC use. This will be in addition to useful computer-related articles, tech help tips from other PC users who have benefited from their personal experience while working on their PC. You will have a useful session where you will benefit from both expert tech help advice from IT experts as well as practical yet useful experience of ordinary PC users.

Today, smart users of computer technology are conscious of the fact that they have to make their first initiative in their pursuit for better technical understand that it will be only they who will profit from making such initiatives. If they lose time because of PC non-performance, their professional plan may jeopardize. Instead, why not achieve your professional goal in a fast and better way by making most of your PC and not wasting time on computer hurdles which do occur so frequently. This will lead to your better PC performance and overall increased productivity.

Smart PC users do not carry their personal computer to their computer repair shop for any PC-related hurdle.Instead, smart tech savvy PC users today do try to first consult intelligently their online learning sources such as computer also do not hesitate to take tech help advice and technical support over their phone about the computer problem that they are facing while still in their home or their office. By doing this, most of the time they do succeed in finding their correct solution for their computer-related hurdle.

You too can no more afford to lose your whole of the day over a single computer problem and at the end of the day being told that by your computer engineer that your personal computer was not properly connected with the plug in your home or in office. You will not like at all to share such stories today by any of your friends. Why? Because, you do not want to appear silly by your friends.

There are many popular computer forums where you will learn how to use computer technology for your specific needs. You can visit popular online computer forums which are full of useful computer related tips and will help you in your self-independent technical support plan. You should try to add value addition to yourself by trying to investigate things by yourself first.

Today smart application of computer technology is something by which you find better solution to your personal and professional need to keep on customize it with flexible technical support plan as per new changes in computer technology.

You need to be a good PC user.Taking charge of getting your PC-related problems solved by yourself by performing trouble shooting steps will lead to your better PC performance. You also need to build your technical support plan flexible by adapting to changing computer technology and changing personal and professional aspirations.

A Pet Crawler To Optimize Your Web Browsing Experience

The web scenario has evolved with such startling alacrity that recognizing and distinguishing one technological development while still being aware of the just concluded one; is a humongous challenging task. Search engines are increasingly being modified into hybrid entities that sniff out duplication in seconds and provide lightning fast results with relevant data at the click of the mouse. The web paradigm has morphed from being a source of information to being a source of information that divulges it in fractions of seconds. With the web going wireless and finding its way into the diminutive little all in one innovation called the ?next-gen? cell phone, information has wriggled its way through to users desiring it from any corner of the globe and while on the move. Custom Software Development and Graphical User Interface Development have revolutionized the user interactivity experience thus increasing the amount of time that users engage in activities online.

At the crux of the matter is still the fact that data needs to be highly available for users to be consistently interested in regarding the web as their ultimate rapid source of credible information. A web crawler is a novel innovation that helps achieve these goals in a methodical and automated manner. A web crawler is a program that browses the web and is mainly utilized to create a copy of all the visited web-pages for subsequent processing by a search engine that undertakes indexing of the pages to provide faster results in searches. A crawler is also known as an ant, automatic indexer, bot or worm and the process is called web crawling or spidering. Numerous web sites and search engines in particular use spidering for garnering up-to-date data. Maintenance tasks including checking links or validating HTML code on a website can also be automated using crawlers. The web crawler entity is basically a bot or a software agent that starts of visiting URLs from a list called seeds, identifying all the hyperlinks in the page and adding them to the existing list called a crawl frontier. A recursive visit is undertaken by the crawler to these URL?s while adhering to a set of policies.

Custom Software Development and Crawler Development have come a long way towards eliminating possible obstacles in crawling the web such as a large volume of data, rapid rate of change and dynamic page generation. A web crawler, thus, could be the apt answer where automation of web related search tasks and rapid realization of search results is of utmost importance.